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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


If you've been waiting for this post, you've had to practice patience. Patience, something we joke about so often, "Lord I need patience and I need it right now" is a feeling many of us know all too well! If you ask my daughter or wife they are likely to say that patience is not always my strongest asset, that I can be very impatient at times, especially at home. It's funny, funny sad not funny haha, that we are often at our worst at home with the ones we love the most, the ones we should be the most patient with because of the place they hold in our hearts and lives.
Maybe that's why God focuses so much on our character, pushing us in to look more like Jesus. Patience is an attribute of God, something that God is, it's part of the character of God. God shows his patience by not giving up on us, even though we constantly push him away for what we want in the moment. Peter tells us in his second letter that Jesus is patient with us, waiting to come back because he doesn't want anyone to perish.
Patience can be so hard when we focus on what we want, it becomes a lot easier when we focus on the people around us and make their needs and desires more important than our own. Impatience happens because I'm caring about me and not you. So if I'm acting impatient with you, feel free to tell me off and to stop focusing on myself and instead care more about you. Tell me to be more like Jesus and less like me.