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Saturday, 24 May 2014


I'm sitting here at home with my grandson, playing in the dirt, had a haircut earlier on, moved our trailer, and now am watching the rain come in. It's been a full and yet restful day; at least for my soul as it has been spent with those I love, helping others out, and just resting before going out to a gospel concert tonight with my wife. Today is a gift, not just because it's a day off from from the other six days which are filled with church oriented activities, but because it's been filled with connecting with those especially close to me.
This is what the whole Sabbath day off is really all about. It's a gift of time every week that God offers to spend time connecting with those especially close to us; think of God here, but also your church family. It's a time of playing as we laugh and share our week, but also a time of helping as we have opportunities to pray for and with each other. It's a day where we're given time to do helping activities with our church family for each other or within the community openly in the name of Jesus, worshiping God in our service and acts of love and grace. It's also a time to simply observe the world around you and the people in it and see how God is moving.
I often feel sorry for those who turn down God's gift of a day set aside to connect with him and each other, to serve others with each other, and to laugh and play with people important to me. For me as a pastor, Sunday often slips into being 'work,' though it is deeply satisfying and fulfilling work, it usually isn't about rest. This is why today, a Saturday, is my rest day, my Sabbath day as the Bible calls it. I thank God for offering it and I embrace it gladly as the gift it is. How about you, do you accept God's gift of a Sabbath day?

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